Jordan Cooper - Composer, Songwriter

Website for freelance songwriter and composer Jordan Cooper.

Jordan Cooper lives in Queens, NY and has been writing, recording and performing music for almost 20 years. He has created over 1000 pieces of music, including over 250 songs, various instrumentals and film scores. He has been performing live for years as a solo musician and in several bands.

In January 2017, Jordan scored the music for "No More Excuses," a big song and dance segment on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, currently with 4 and a half million YouTube views. You can watch that here.

In 2018, a song Jordan created for Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott’s podcast R U Talkin’ REM RE: Me? was played about a dozen times over the course of the year, earning around 10,000 plays on SoundCloud. Hear the song here.

In 2018, a theme song Jordan composed for Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) and Jessica Gao’s podcast Whiting Wongs was used as the theme for episode 14. Hear the episode here.

In 2017, Jordan won the award for Best Music at the NY 48 Hour Film Festival, for the film "G-Cop."

In 2016, Jordan composed the theme song to the podcast It's Ok To Go.

In June 2014, Jordan won the award for Best Original Song at the NY 48 Hour Film Festival, for the film "Ham For The Holidays." You can watch that film (which he also scored) by clicking here.

In June 2011, chosen among 60 films, Jordan won the award for Best Musical Score at the NY 48 Hour Film Festival, for the film "Trixaxis and Allies." You can watch the film by clicking here.

In 2010 Jordan created the website, where customers can order songs written and recorded about them or a loved one. So far he has made over 40 songs through this service.

For most of 2010 he was part of the live band for Kevin Allison's ("The State") RISK! show at the 92Y Tribeca, as well as one of the top contributors of music for the RISK! Podcast. The show featured comedians such as Janeane Garofalo, Rachel Dratch, and Michael Showalter. His music has also been featured on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.



- The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, composed "No More Excuses" song, 2017

- “Bad Stuff”. Podcast Theme and Music, 2019

- Fallout Chronicles, web series, Faux Media Productions, composed multiple episodes, 2017-2018

- The Invincible Osiris Jackson, web series, produced “Simple and Clean” for episode 4, 2018

- R U Talkin’ REM RE: Me?, podcast, composed “How Does It Feel (When You’re In REM (Good))”, 2018

- "The Jameson Job", short film, Dir: Nate Brown, 2017

- "G-Cop", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2017

- “The Will”, short film, directors Amanda Jane Stern & Narci Regina, 2016

- “It’s OK To Go”, Podcast Theme and Music, 2016

- “Great Expectations”, short film, director Don Downie, 2016

- “Taboo”, short film, director Doosoo Dooks Kim, 2016

- “Bold Blend” Theme Song, talk show, Bold Media Inc, 2016

- "Side Talk" Webseries, Chepookah Productions, 2015

- Demerbox Ad, Commercial, Gotham Sound prod., 2015

- "Frenemy Mine", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2015

- "The Omnibus Collector", Theme and Incidental Music, Youtube channel 2015

- "HR", short film, Infinity Ball Productions, 2014

- "Incorpo Reality", short film, Infinity Ball Productions, 2014

- "Knockout Names", App game, Main music and character selection music, 2014

- "Ham For The Holidays", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2014

- Wisycom Ad, Commercial, Gotham Sound prod., 2014

- "Florida Is The Best Place", comedy musical short, Funny Or Die, 2014


Please browse the Music sections and the links below for a wide selection of his work:

Trouble’s Afoot - The main outlet for Jordan’s songwriting and rock music features Jordan either alone or with band members. The first album, Looking For Parking, a full rock band experience several years in the making, was released in November 2018 with Needlejuice Records, and is available everywhere music is streaming.

Sally, all love song - Pop band with songs written by Jordan Cooper, sung by Kristen Gudsnuk. Sally's EP We Are In A Car was released in 2012 to glowing reviews and is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Spotify and Pandora. Their second EP, Christmas Single, was released in December 2014. Both releases can be downloaded here.

Write a Song About Me - Jordan's "Order a Song" website. Order a customized song for yourself or a loved one!

Jordan's Soundcloud page - Hear miscellaneous tracks, including demos, live performances, and more.

Don’t Let’s Start: A Podcast About They Might Be Giants - Jordan’s podcast about the music of the band They Might Be Giants, as well as other music analyses and discussion, with co-host Dave Fox. Produced and edited by Jordan.


Looking For Parking, Trouble’s Afoot, 2018 Needlejuice Records

Holiday Song, Trouble’s Afoot, 2017

Tom Dead, Trouble’s Afoot, 2016

Christmas Single, Sally, 2014

We Are In A Car, Sally, 2012

Scarlet Songs: Music For Babies, children’s album, 2007

Jordan uses Protools, Logic, Cubase LE, Native Instruments, East West, Spectrasonics, and various other programs for music production. He plays guitar, keyboard, accordion, ukulele, and learns any other instrument he can get his hands on.


- "Platonic Parts", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2013

- "Astronaut Elementary", Book Advertisement, 2013

- "The Adventures of Craig", short film, 2012

- "Road To The Top", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2012

- "Trixaxis and Allies", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2011

- "Are You Sure? The Allison Reynolds Story", short film, Pizza Kid Productions, 2010

- RISK! Podcast, multiple theme songs over many episodes, 2009-2011

- Meghan O'Neil One Woman show at The Magnet Theater, backing music, NYC, 2010

- Mr.Whitepants, music for video sketches, 2009

- "The Fruitwastersons", short comedy film, 2009

- Cousin Eskimo, music for live comedy sketches, 2004-2005

- “Daddy Goes Bowling Drunk Driving PSA”, comedy short, Nov 2005

- Tim Warner: A Life in the Clouds, full original score for 35 min thesis film, 2004

- “Matt Koff’s Word Du Jour”, Musical jingles for word-a-day website

- School Of Visual Arts, composed 21 themes for Junior Film Festival, 2003