Jordan Cooper - Composer, Songwriter

Website for freelance songwriter and composer Jordan Cooper.

"No More Excuses," The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

R U Talkin’ REM RE: Me?, featured song throughout the series

Whiting Wongs, theme played by Dan Harmon and Jessica Gao 

"Bold Blend" Theme Song (Bold Media, Inc.)

The Invincible Osiris Jackson, “Simple and Clean” 

Fallout Chronicles (Faux Media Productions)

Trouble’s Afoot - Tom Dead, music video

Side Talk, opening/closing themes (Chepookah Productions)


Wisycom (Launch Commercial, Gotham Sound)


DemerBox (Launch Commercial, Gotham Sound)


The Adventures of Craig, Winner, 2012 Parameter Short Film Contest

Tim Warner: A Life in the Clouds (2004), writer/director/composer